Monday, September 21

VBScript - 4 Add Recovery Scenario

This blog is in sequence with my previous blogs and they are shown below.

VBScript - 1 . Launching QTP
VBScript - 2 . Connecting to QC/Open QC test
VBScript - 3. Add Resources of the Script

Here we shall move to see how we can add recovery scenarios and arrange their priority


'Code Begin
'Declare the resources as constant. You necessarily need not do this. You take this input from attributes or excel files or any text file. 

Const rRecoveryName1 = "rec1.qrs"
Const rRecoveryPath1  = "clClasses.vbs"
Const rRecoveryName2 = "[QualityCenter] Subject/Abcd/"
Const rRecoveryPath2= "[QualityCenter] Subject/Dfgs/"

Dim rRecoveries 

Set rRecoveries  = appQTP.Test.Settings.Recovery

Remove any default recovery scenarios
If rRecoveries.Count >0 then

end if

'syntax object.Add ScenarioFile, ScenarioName, [Position]
rRecoveries.add rRecoveryPath1,rRecoveryName1 ,1
rRecoveries.add rRecoveryPath2,rRecoveryName2 ,2

'After adding now enable the recovery mechanism
rRecoveries.enabled = True

'Set activation mode for recovery scenarios
rRecoveries.SetActivationMode "OnError"

'At the end, Save the test

Here we done with adding recovery scenarios.


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