Friday, April 23

Quality center QC not working in IE8 - windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7

Quality Center not working in IE8 - Win XP or How to Disable Data execution prevention (DEP)?

DEP is enabled by default in IE8 for win xp . This prevents code from running in memory that is marked non executable ( I guess QC or QTP does have some sort of this kind of code or IE is not analysing the code properly) . Hence the QC would not be able to run.

SO how to disable DEP this?

For IE 8
Open Internet explorer.
Open tools -> Internet options
Click on advanced tab
Uncheck  " Enable memory  protection to mitigate online attacks"
Restart IE

Quality Center not working in Vista?
 User Account Control (UAC) is a technology and security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista. Hence any OS later vista would have this issue till HP fixes this defect. UAC  improves the security by limiting the application that user can run. Hence while installing QTP on vista or QC on vista, turn off  UAC

Go to control
Click on User accounts
Click on turn User account control on or off
And uncheck the check box "Use user account control to help protect your computer"


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