Friday, April 23

VBScript - 6 . Setting Global Options of QTP script

Here below parts of code, we will look at important setting you ought to do have better QTP execution.

Part 1
Set objTest=appQTP.Test.Settings.Run    'Set Run time settings

In Above part 1 of code , you are setting the values for time out, iteration mode and if iteration fails, how should script need to continue. The time out value is in milliseconds

Part 2
Set objRun=appQTP.Options.Run    'Set Run Options
objRun.CaptureForTestResults = "OnWarning"

Here in part 2, you are setting the run options .

Part 3
Set objWeb=appQTP.Test.Settings.Launchers("Web")    'Set Record and run settings
objWeb.Active = "True"
objWeb.Browser = "IE"
objWeb.Address = APPL_URL
objWeb.CloseOnExit = "True"

Here in Part 3 you are setting record and run settings. Here you can specify the URL, browser etc


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