Saturday, April 24

VBScript - 8 .Run the test

This is last blog related to creating Batch run VBS script. Here there are few simple steps you need add at the end so that QTP application, which has been opened, connected to QC and has test loaded , needs to execute the test.

In previous blog Set Test results options we created ObjresultOpt object. Assigned it which instance the result should be stored. Now comes its actual use where in you tell the QTP to run it with this options.

Also it same case with Parameters we assigned to Parameter object rtParams. The code snippets for this is mentioned in the blog

Set Test parameters

wscript.echo "Running of the test began"
appQTP.Test.Run objResultsOpt,true,rtParams    'Run the test using the result options
wscript.echo " Run test done"
RunTest = appQTP.Test.LastRunResults.Status    'Return the Result


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